Loan terms & conditions

Loan types
Loan amount
Interest rate (annual)
TermLoan origination service fee
Project loan to support inter-city passenger transport

Not more than the bus value. 
up to 120 months0.30%

If additional collateral is provided, the advance payment is – 0%, in other terms the advance payment shall be not less than - 10.00%.


  • The applicant must have experience in providing inter-city transport services for at least last 3 years or more;
  • Sufficient loan repayment ability and shall not have any outstanding non-performing loans;
  • Permission to pledge the automobile to the bank and enter into a Fiducian agreement;
  • Other additional criteria set by the bank.

Required documents

  • Introduction of the company;
  • State registration certificate and company charter in copy;
  • If the company has more than 2 beneficial owners, the approval and order of the Governing body;
  • Reference from the General Executive Agency for Court Decision;
  • Information of beneficial owners;
  • Financial statements of the borrower;
  • Proof of income source;
  • Property license or certificate and other related information;
  • Other documents covering business operations;
  • Contact information;
  • Contracts concluded with National Transport Center along with contract implementation reports/reviews for the last 2 years;
  • Account statements for the accounts held with other financial institutions;
  • Other required documents.
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