Incoming remittance

Through reliable services of our correspondent banks, you can receive international remittances sent via SWIFT member banks and financial institutions of all over 200 countries in 1-3 business days (depending on time zones). In order to receive remittances, our clients need to have an account (current account, deposit and card account) with Chinggis Khaan Bank and provide the below information to Sender:

  • Beneficiary’s account name in Roman alphabet (in terms of RUB transfer, please write in Cyrillic alphabet) and account number with Chinggis Khaan Bank;
  • Beneficiary Bank: Chinggis Khaan Bank and SWIFT code: CHKHMNUB;
  • For correspondent bank details of Chinggis Khaan Bank, please download below Standard settlement instruction (SSI) form and give the completed form to the Sender:  
CCY typeSender’s countrySSI form USD
USD from USA
USD from China and Hong Kong
USD from Russian FederationDownload
USD from CIS countriesDownload
USD from KoreaDownload
USD from other countriesDownload
Inward remittance in EURDownload
 RUBInward remittance in RUBDownload
 CNYInward remittance in CNYDownload
 JPYInward remittance in JPYDownload
 KRWInward remittance in KRWDownload
 GBPInward remittance in GBPDownload
 CHFInward remittance in CHFDownload
Inward remittance in CAD


There is no fee for incoming remittances received at current and deposit accounts or card accounts. Extra fee is charged on cash withdrawals from transfers received on account.

Before receiving your transfers, make sure not to pay any additional charges and costs of any delays, returns of transfers due to the incomplete or incorrect information is given to Sender.  

As you are aware, the SSIs will be updated from time to time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use a current version of the SSIs as posted on this webpage. 

Transfer information must be clear and complete pursuant to the requirements of “Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law” and internal regulations of the bank. 

Any comments, questions in relation to international transfers, please contact us at Call center:
+976–18001300 and

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