In its headquarter and branches, Chinggis Khaan Bank operates with 180 highly skilled employees and professionals. We have human resource policy that sets features to enrolling high educated and loyal employees who have professional knowledge and experience. We provide training programs that develop skills to work in team, adaptation to a new working environment, sales techniques, leadership, competitivity and productivity. Also, our bank introduced a remuneration system that is very flexible and advantageous to employees because it is based on evaluation, performance and efficiency of the employees. 

Chinggis Khaan Bank gives you the following opportunities:

  • Career development
  • Self development
  • Positive working environment and support by amiable colleagues
  • Advantageous salary and remuneration system 

Principles of enrollment: 

  • Maintaining an open, transparent and fair system of enrollment is our main principle. Each and every employee is carefully selected by key criteria such as working skills, knowledge, profession, experience, and ethic, which are tested by various methods such as interview, general evaluation and test. 
  • In order to enable our employees to progress, develop and get promoted, our HR policy gives current employees privilege to apply for the new vacancy before the vacancy is publicized.

Material to submission:

  • CV;
  • Certification copy of general secondary education;
  • Diploma copy of master and bachelor;
  • 1 photo with 3*4 size taken in last 3 months;
  • reference of previous employer;
  • Digital Identification card.

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