We have joined Q-Pay service

Q-Pay service is an online payment system, converting the bank account and transaction data into QR code, allowing customers to execute quick and easy transactions and share information. 

Q-Pay service advantages: 

  1. Scanning QR code
  2. Remit funds to the other user account;
  3. Pay for the payment order received or utility payment;
  4. Purchase payments;
  5. Create QR code on your account;
  6. Receive funds;
  7. Send payment order;
  8. Other
  9. Checking on the transaction history;
  10. Configure to receive payments on your account;
  11. Automatic registry of VAT bill for purchased items.

Q-pay service terms and conditions:

MNT100 is charged for each transaction effected within the accounts of Chinggis Khaan Bank and MNT300 is applied for inter-bank transfers. 

How to become a user of  Q-Pay service?

If you are already are an Online banking user, you can use QPay service after updating  your CKBANK application;

  • If you are not yet using an Online banking services, you can visit the  nearest branch to apply for the internet banking services;
  • [ Click here ] to download QPay payment service instruction.

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