Chinggis Khaan Bank to support “The Mongolian International Steppe Marathon”

Chinggis Khaan Bank is to organize “The Mongolian International Steppe Marathon 2018” on 19th August 2018 together with the representative office of Japan’s Showa Holdings Group in Mongolia. The marathon was first initiated by Japanese citizen Fujivara and Kon Aya in 1996. This year it will be organized for the 22nd time and apart from regular categories for 3, 5, 10 and 21km races there are special features such as Bogdkhan Ultra Trail for 50 km.

Athletes from all over the world will gather in Mongolia to participate in Ultra trail marathon, they will cross the Bogd Khan Mountain and explore a mesmerizing scenic landscape. Competition registration is taking place in room number 110 of Mongolian National Olympic Committee and on website.

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