In December 2016 Chinggis Khaan Bank has become the first commercial bank to launch the latest core banking system “NES ERP”, developed by GrapeCity Mongolia, which complies with international standards.
In 2015 Chinggis Khaan Bank’s shareholders have been changed and the bank has become 100 percent Mongolian invested bank.
The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was approved in 2010 by the United States to target non-compliance by US tax payers using foreign accounts. Chinggis Khaan Bank received its international registration number in-line with bank’s goal to expand its sustainable operation in a long term.
Bank has automated the market risk methodology VAR, tested it using “Backtesting” in estimated one-year period and introduced into the bank’s operation.
Bank started providing soft loans to SME in cooperation with Development Bank of Mongolia and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund of Ministry of Labor.
Bank was awarded with “Best social insurance tax payer” title and certificate for fulfillment of obligations in accordance with Social Insurance Law of Mongolia and for significant contribution to social guarantee of its employees.
Celebrated 10th Anniversary of Chinggis Khaan Bank.
Chinggis Khaan Bank’s team successfully participated in “3rd Indoor Football Championship of Commercial Banks” and our male team lead by Khasar.E won the 1st place and received the trophy, certificate and monetary reward.
CEO of Chinggis Khaan Bank Ch.Saintsogt was elected as a member of BOD of Asian Bankers Association.
Bank has launched escrow account service and fax payment service.
The shareholders issued the subordinated debt worth of 16.5 million USD.
Awarded “Best social insurance taxpaying employer” honorary title.
Obtained 4 types of precious metals trading lines including gold, silver, platinum and palladium from UBS Investment Bank, Switzerland.
Bank has become a member of Asian Bankers Association.
Bank has become a member of Mongolian Bankers Association.
CEO of Chinggis Khaan Bank, Mr.Ch.Saintsogt was elected as President of MBA.
Bank established correspondent banking relationship with UBS Investment Bank, Switzerland.
Received “Best tax payer” award from General Department of Taxation.
Bank celebrated its 5th anniversary and three employees were awarded with “Leading banker of the banking and financial system” award and medals from Bank of Mongolia.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chinggis Khaan Bank Mr.Gromov was awarded with “Hiimori” order from Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Bank has become a member of SWIFT and enabled the processing of international transactions.
Established correspondent banking relationship with the Bratsky Narodny Bank of Russian Federation.
Acted as a main sponsor of the first expedition of Mongolian hikers to Mt. Everest.
Awarded “Top 10 banks of Mongolia” title and the trophy from the Government of Mongolia and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Introduced an accounting program “RS-Bank” in accordance with International Accounting Standards.
Awarded “Student-friendly entity” title from the “Student spring” art, sport and education festival.
Successfully participated in the Bowling Championship of Mongolian banks and won the silver medal.
Has become a full member of Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Financed mega projects such as “MCS Coca Cola”, “UB Palace” and “Gachuurt Castle”.
Mongolia’s first foreign invested bank- Chinggis Khaan Bank was established.

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