Chinggis Khaan Bank was established in 2001, becoming the first bank in Mongolia with 100 percent of foreign direct investment. Since 2015, the bank is fully owned by national investor and is restructured accordingly to broaden its scope of business in socio-economically beneficial regions such as Ulaanbaatar city, Selenge and Umnugobi provinces.



13000  JOBS

We are financing large industrial, constructional and investment projects with own funds, as well as providing complex corporate and private banking services strengthened with digital banking services based on innovative technology, tailored to suit the needs and interests of our clients.  


Investing in the future.


Chinggis Khaan Bank is committed to become the leading bank with highest expertise team and easy accesible financial services on the basis of the outstanding technological solutions.

Correspondent banks

Chinggis Khaan Bank has long-standing partnership with the Russian Agricultural Bank, Transkapital Bank, Sberbank of Russia, Sviaz-Bank, and is cooperating on cross-border remittances, trade finance, foreign exchange deals, inter-bank loans and deposits. 

Furthermore, we are focusing on the active cooperations with leading banks in China to support bilateral trade and economic business partners within the two countries. Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Inner Mongolia, Baoshang Bank and China Constuction Bank cooperate with Chinggis Khaan Bank on cross-border remittances, foreign exchange deals and trade finance products. 

Republic of Korea, as one of the important trade partners of Mongolia have also been one of our priorities in terms of financial cooperation. We work closely with Kookmin Bank, a leading bank in South Korea that provides its services to corporates and individuals.

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