Security tips for using internet banking

In connection with increased amount of fraudulent activities such as illegal access to financial information or bank accounts of citizens, transfering money from the account without any permission, Chinggis Khaan Bank provides following tips.

  • To log out from internet bank when you are finished with your session
  • Avoid leaving your internet bank open when accessing from public places. 
  • Use only safe and reliable network when accessing to your internet bank as using public wi-fi increases the risk of loosing your personal information and password.
  • To note your login ID and password on paper as keeping them as a file is risky.
  • Avoid using your personal information such as name, registration number, phone number as password.
  • Avoid using your social network password such as email or facebook password as your internet bank password.
  • When accessing to Chinggis Khaan Bank’s internet bank check whether all letters of URL address are correct, the color of the certificate picture situated in front is green and same as shown on the following link.  
  • Avoid opening or replying to suspicious emails or links that request your internet bank login ID, password and other personal information.

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